Daily & Weekly Office Cleaning

We absolutely love providing office cleaning services! Although it's not exactly rocket science, it does require a keen eye, a positive attitude, the proper training, the best equipment and supplies available, pride of workmanship and unfailing dependability.

The following is my usual office cleaning regime:
First class cleaning of the entire kitchen and break room areas including:

  • Keeping all appliances clean and neat
  • Moving all counter top appliances and cleaning underneath
  • Wash and disinfect all counter tops, tables, chairs, and food prep surfaces
  • Clean all cabinet fronts
  • Clean trash cans as needed
  • Clean microwave ovens, inside and out
  • Floors will be thoroughly washed
All included bathroom areas will receive a first class cleaning on each visit. This will include all toilets, sinks, mirrors, and rest room appliances. We also keep the wall areas around any urinal and the paper towel dispensers clean as well. We will reload all toilet paper, paper towels and soap dispensers.

All areas will be kept dusted. These areas include all desks, chairs, tables, shelving, filing cabinets, cubicle tops, lighting fixtures, office appliances, window sills, artwork, etc.

All carpeting and hard floor areas will be thoroughly vacuumed clean on each visit.

All trash receptacles will be emptied and trash can liners changed on each visit. Trash can interiors will be cleaned and disinfected as needed basis.
All trash will be disposed of into your on premises dumpster

Janitorial Space
Depending on the size of the job and to keep your office space properly clean, I may permanently assign all equipment necessary to your premises. This may include, but is not limited to, vacuums, cleaning cart, rolling barrel, buckets and mops, and various cleaning supplies necessary. Depending on the job frequency, a secure space which is large enough and properly lit may be needed.

Note: Windows cleaning, carpet cleaning and tile floor stripping refinishing is generally covered under separate quotes. The exception is usually the front foyer area windows which will be cleaned on a per visit basis.


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