Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpeting clean is the single most important thing you can do to improve the air quality (IAQ) of your office.

Improving the IAQ of your facility will reduce the instance of illness to your staff and your carpets will always look amazing for you, your staff and your customers.

Regular professional cleaning of your carpeting will greatly extend its life expectancy and protect your flooring investment.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service will generally include the following:

First, we thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet area with our HEPA filtered back pack vacuum cleaners. (edges and corners too!)

Next we will treat each stain with spot release solutions and hand scrub for maximum effect.

Then, we clean the entire carpet with finest carpet cleaning detergent available to the industry today using our carpet buffing machine and our self contained carpet cleaning machine. This state of the art machine uses hot water, counter rotating scrub brushes and a three stage wet vac for maximum dirt and moisture extraction.

Lastly, we will re-extract the entire carpet with a rinse / neutralizer solution that will remove any remaining detergent residues and leave your carpet soft, clean and bright. (sort of like what cream rinse does for your hair)

By removing the soap residue, this final extra step, though time consuming, will prevent rapid re-soiling and reduce the frequency of additional cleanings.

While we work, we generally use large air movers to help dry these areas quickly.

This service will leave your carpet clean, disinfected and helps to keep your flooring investment intact and extend its life expectancy.

Note: It is possible that some stains will not be removed entirely. Some spills can change the carpet color, some are too old, and sometimes a previous cleaning method was used and has permanently set the stain. However, we always work very hard for you to remove any stain with an incredibly high success rate.

Other services:
Just prior to carpet cleaning may be a good time to consider doing all of your high dusting. IE: ceiling fans, beams, sills, artwork, lighting fixtures, peaks, vaulted ceilings, etc. I would be happy to provide you a quote for this service.


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